Dear Friends,

My heart is full as I announce my upcoming class, “Beyond Your Horizon: Building and Becoming Your Vision.”

I know it may sound grandiose! But the truth is that most of us have grown up with the message to make ourselves smaller than we were really meant to be.

So here I offer you the gift of a question: what has it cost you up until now? And what might it cost you to continue this diminishing way of thinking?

If it afforded us nothing else, the Grand Reset of the past two years revealed what is truly important in our lives: the people who really matter, and the endeavors that are nourishing to ourselves and those around us.

Why not take the core message of that wisdom as a spark of inspiration for your next chapter?

What is it you have dreamed of accomplishing in your life? What is asking for healing or resolution? What have you been putting off, year in and year out?

This course is an opportunity for you to embrace what matters to you and bring it into a form that can serve, carrying something of meaning, beauty, and value.

Beyond your horizon.

This class is the weaving together of several ingredients:

  1. The 16 lessons of the DreamBuilder program, created by Mary Morrissey, based on the New Thought Movement of the Unity Church
  2. The soul-traits of the ancient Jewish Mussar tradition
  3. My music – not just the songs, but the story and the meaning behind each song and what it teaches us
  4. An infusion of the energy healing work I do, to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, disempower the negative thoughts we habitually retreat to, and install new images and patterns

Working with you is the most inspiring part of my life. I welcome you and look forward to our journey together.

In love and light,


“These sessions are a beautiful blending of delving deeper into energy work and being blessed by Carla’s storytelling abilities. Her recall of details is so helpful and her ability to tie up what appear to be varied topics into an understandable lesson continues to delight my soul.” –W.

“The planning and execution of my dream are so much fun and so exciting, I now understand when people talk about enjoying the journey. My Dream may evolve but whatever it ends up being in reality will be wonderful because I can already feel it!! Thanks to Carla, I am reinvigorated for my life and excited for the future!!” –L.

“(Carla is) able to channel an intelligence that feels transcendent…I believe anyone would be helped by Carla's talent, (whether) at the basic level of relief from physical or emotional pain with tapping, or on a higher spiritual level with her deep and ever deepening wisdom.” –L.

Questions You Might Have

Carla in a purple dress

Why did I create the program?

  • I can’t help myself! As soon as I start teaching a class, I get more and more ideas about what else to teach and how to improve it for the next time. When I watched my first DreamBuilder group blossom during a 12-week program, I knew that a deeper dive and a longer duration would serve everyone in a more powerful way.

Why would you want this class?

  • Because as a Finely Tuned person, you sometimes feel lost or overwhelmed
  • Because you know there is more you want to accomplish in your life
  • Because you want to heal a relationship that is significant to you
  • Because your life is in a period of transition
  • Because you want to build a legacy of value for your loved ones and your community
  • Because you have a dream and want to do everything you can to birth it
  • Because you want to clarify your dream and your life’s purpose
  • Because you are a born seeker and you want to enrich your daily experience of life

How do I know this class will benefit you?

  • The DreamBuilder program is a proven structure that has helped thousands of people live a more fulfilling life that serves the greater good. It has an epic history, beginning with the Transcendentalists in the 19th century, through the New Thought Movement and the Unity Church in the early 20th century, and carried further by such figures as Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard, and later, Bob Proctor and more.
  • The Mussar tradition has provided the guide to living an ethical and meaningful life since its inception in the tenth century, in response to the question “Why is it so hard to be good?” Benjamin Franklin practiced it! You can read about it in his autobiography. These soul-traits are also reflected within the spiritual path of the 12-step program.

What makes this course unique?

  • To my knowledge, no other program marries the traditions of the New Thought Movement with the Mussar mindfulness practice. I am confident that their confluence will be a powerful guide for all of us.
  • In addition, you get music and energy healing to open your heart and mind! And to take each lesson to a deeper level than a PowerPoint presentation or lecture can.
  • The DreamBuilder program helps us look at the four quadrants in our lives:
    Health and well-being
    Love and relationships
    Time and money freedom
    In each quadrant, we find what is giving us a sense of expansion and what is constricting for us. From there we begin to navigate the path of envisioning a more fulfilling way for us to live.

How do I know all this stuff works?

  • Ask anyone who knew me when I was in a depression, sick and in pain, struggling and lost. They all tell me I am walking around a completely different person now. And all of that suffering feels to me as if it was a past life. I have lived a life of transformation, always seeking. The 12-step program helped save my life, and I employed all of the principles when sponsoring others. The Mussar and DreamBuilder programs provide a structure for these very principles in a way that builds phase by phase, as well as the guidance for reframing and re-purposing the emotions and resistance that arise along the way.
  • Also, like everyone, I have a real life, and real-life things come rearing up. Even as I am writing all of this text to tell you about my class, I have the old monsters of self-doubt and fear whispering in my ear, and their messages are neither nurturing nor encouraging! So I use what I have learned through all of these traditions and teachings to put things into perspective and to keep me going so that I can serve my calling.
  • I have also watched it transform my clients. In those who have experienced healing from such conditions as chronic back and neck pain, trigeminal neuralgia, anxiety, and long-time resentments. And those who made peace with people in their lives and found the courage to either enter into a new relationship or leave a relationship that was no longer a fit. As well as those navigating a path through the aging process, through family pain, loss, and change. It gives me such joy to witness the light that comes into their eyes as they reach clarity and take the steps toward freedom in their lives.

Why should you act now?

  • This is the first time I am running this class, and I would love for you to be part of it!
  • The fee will go up the next time I teach this course.
  • As we all know only too well, we never know how long we have in our lives. If there is a dream you have been putting off, maybe it’s finally time for you to answer its call.
  • If you are reading this, it shows that something is drawing you to it. That Something could be your inner guidance.
  • The class will be limited to 10 students.

Class Details

Open Door How does this work?
Here is all the pragmatic information:

  • The sessions on Tuesday, May 3 and Thursday, May 5 serve as a preview and Q&A. These open to anyone who has already registered or any of you considering signing up. Please let me answer any questions you might have! Recordings of these sessions will be made available.
  • Once you register, you will receive an automated confirmation and welcome.
  • Before we start the first class on Tuesday, May 17, you will receive an email from me with the Zoom link.
  • You will have access to all course materials, which I will explain in the preview sessions, and will review by email for all registered participants.
  • Each class will meet via Zoom. There will be a corresponding audio lesson, recorded by Mary Morrissey, which you will want to listen to prior to class. Most of those recordings are 35-40 minutes in length.
  • There will be writing exercises that could take around 10 minutes per day. These are of course optional, but they will support and strengthen your experience.
  • Each participant will receive at least two one-on-one sessions with me, to be scheduled during the first few weeks of class.
  • All Tuesday sessions will be recorded. If you miss a class, which is probably inevitable for a 16-or 22-week class, you will have access to the recording. That recording will remain available for all participants to repeat as desired, even after the class has come to its conclusion.

“…I am experiencing growth, freedom and insight in many areas of my life…I feel much more productive in my processing of my thoughts, where they originate and brew and then actively making a shift into a healthier direction…” –A.

“This is a person who has invested the time and energy in living, learning, training, and focusing on healing using these modalities, and bringing her lived experiences to help teach, guide, and share what is possible as far as facing and overcoming life’s obstacles and pain, transforming pain into something that can help one to grow.” –E.

“I have begun to deal with things from my past that have always haunted me, and that I have avoided for quite some time. (Now) I feel more at peace with myself. Carla is luminous, inspired, warm, compassionate, creative, brilliant! (Her) own journey and constant courage to dive deep is inspirational and has informed her ability to help others. She is a healer.” –R.

Open DoorA Personal Note:

If you are inspired to take this class and would like to pay by installment, or the investment is a hardship for you, please contact me and we will work it out. I would love to have you as part of this adventure!